Our Story

MaraGirls is a nonprofit school licensed under and recognized by the Kenyan Government. The school works in private–public partnership with international and local sponsors, Foundations, Trusts and other support organizations with an interest in empowering African communities to improve the lives of children – especially the girl child.

MaraGirls is set at the edge of the Masai Mara Game Reserve in Southwest Kenya. This is one of the World’s wildlife richest areas and, at the same time, one of the poorest and most marginalized regions in East Africa, located far from the political and financial elite and decision-making institutions.

The story of the Maasai in Kenya is one of up rooting and moving. Having been evicted from ancestral land several times, a portion of this small tribe finally settled in Masai Mara. As a tribe, the Maasai have always held a strong grip on their culture and maintained many of their values and oral traditions.

This provides an opportunity in preserving the original expressions of the Maasai culture. At the same time it’s a challenge for any community today – facing rapid change – how to adapt to new and modern lifestyles without loosing touch with traditions and history.
Hence, MaraGirls believe there’s a need to support young courageous leadership that can take the Maasai and Masai Mara into the future. Still, many girls in the region are not able to attend school due to prohibitive costs. ​Amongst those that do, many will not reach graduation day due to traditional practices. MaraGirls was started to offer a solution to these challenges.

Our Vision

Our approach helps local communities and rural Maasai schools identify the most talented and vulnerable children and offer a development plan for them at MaraGirls.

“MaraGirls” started as a proactive step in securing quality education and leadership training for gifted Maasai girls. With an intake of only 16 students per year and a carefully designed selection process we aim to achieve three overarching goals. ​

  • Secure primary education and successful graduation for the most talented girls during their most sensitive school years (years 6, 7 and 8).
  • Provide opportunity for higher education for all students that graduate from “MaraGirls”
  • Create community role models through enhanced personal leadership-skills and life-skills.

The school follows the curricula set out by the Kenya Government and, in partnership with the Wangari Maathai Foundation (WMF), explores extra curricula activities on courageous leadership for youth (WanaKesho). Click here to read more.

What we do

Biotisho – Good Life

Biotisho is a significant concept in the local culture defining what is valued in the traditional life of Maasai. ​"MaraGirls" deliberately use this concept as a pointer towards improved living through the introduction of green shady spaces, waste management, clean and safe cooking, healthy food, solar lighting and more.

Water From Heaven

Rain in Masai Mara carries double blessings as it gives life to both people and livestock. Every year the 1/4 acre roof covering the school collects over 800,000 litres of rain water. The students make sure the water is used efficiently to keep everyone healthy and clean. Any excess of water is used at the tree planting and kitchen garden.

# MyLittleThing

Tree planting was always at the centre of Nobel Laureate Prof. ​Wangari Maathai's life - and still is through the Wangari Maathai Foundation. We have joined hands with the Foundation to inspire courageous leadership amongst youth. #My Little Thing is a global leadership and tree-planting movement.

Brighter Lives

Brighter Lives Electricity made from the sun is clean, quiet, renewable and cheap. ​Growing up without lighting and power "MaraGirls" appreciates and values this more than most. Spreading the word and the use of solar electricity in their villages during school leave and holidays is a key leadership activity amongst the students.